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Deep Tissue Massage

This massage treatment works magic with muscles. Pains, aches and tension are relieved through application of pressure to deep layers of muscle tissue. Deep Tissue Massage is the best way to release chronic muscle tension.
Back neck and Shoulder - £20 (30min) Full Body Massage - £40 (60min)
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Deep tissue massage – is it painful?

Your muscles have a natural impulse to resist pain. When the body thinks a muscle is about to be hurt, this impulse is generated. So if too much pressure is applied during a deep tissue massage, the muscle or group of muscles will resist force by tightening even more. Clearly this is against the principals of massage, where the goal is to relax and release tension. You should not feel real pain when you receive a massage. Everyone has a different threshold of pain, and it is massage therapist’s (i.e. my) job to read from the contractions and tension of the muscle tissue and adjust the tension of the deep tissue massage to the level where it is allowed to work the muscle, but not to the point that the muscle becomes more tense. As a result certain level of discomfort during a deep tissue massage is normal and will be felt if there are inconsistencies within the muscle tissue. This discomfort should feel like "good hurt", the kind that feels good at the same time. Massage therapist will work within your comfort zone and within pain tolerance at all times. If you cannot handle a high amount of pressure, it may take several more treatments to achieve the same results as with someone with a higher threshold for pain. This is normal, but don’t worry about it. It takes time for the muscles to recover from an injury or strain, and the massage greatly speeds up this process.

Is deep tissue massage for everybody?

Someone who has never experienced a massage before should consider starting with a more gentle option of Swedish massage instead. The massage therapist will determine if a deep tissue massage is necessary during the consultation time. A massage is only effective when you are comfortable and relaxed.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

  • Fast result in recovering from muscular tension
  • Eases lower back pain, and other muscular pains
  • Relaxes tense muscles and helps with general relaxation

There are more benefits of this massage treatments. Give me call if you would like to discuss further.

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